Comfort | NA Meeting | The Hills

Preparing for an NA Meeting

Narcotics Anonymous, regularly referred to as NA, is an organization that caters to men and women that are struggling with addiction to drugs other than alcohol. It is rather similar to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), but it welcomes all those struggling with any type of substance addiction, including alcohol. NA meetings For anyone preparing themselves to…

Support | Structural Family Therapy | The Hills

What is Structural Family Therapy?

When it comes to family therapy, there are multiple types that have been developed in order to cater to the specific needs of each family. Cognitive behavioral family therapy, systemic family therapy, strategic family therapy, and structural family therapy are all kinds of therapies that have been developed to help families as a whole. Structural…

Childhood | ACOA | The Hills

Life as an ACoA

Navigating life as an Adult Child of an Alcoholic/Dysfunctional Family (ACoA) is challenging, to say the least. Having been conditioned to comply in order to diffuse turbulent situations caused by the adults that were supposed to protect you has turned you into someone who neglects yourself while helping others and someone who is known to…