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Side Effects of Prescription Pain Medicine

In the United States, prescription drugs such as Prescription Pain Medicine have a high abuse rate. Unfortunately, many people don't know what the side effects of Prescription Pain Medicine are. This drug has both short- and long-term effects. And of course, there’s also the danger of overdose. What Is Prescription ...

What Is Benzodiazepine Medication?

In many cases, prescription drugs are just as dangerous as illegal ones. Despite people getting them from their doctors, there's still a high chance of abuse. One drug that often causes addiction is Benzodiazepine Medication. However, what is Benzodiazepine Medication, and what are the dangers of abusing it? What Is ...
woman with headache suffers withdrawal from meth

Symptoms of Withdrawal From Meth

Withdrawal is a serious problem, no matter the person’s drug of choice. However, meth withdrawal takes this problem to a whole new level. While it isn't typically fatal, it does cause a lot of pain. Below is more information about withdrawal from meth. What Causes Withdrawal? Withdrawal occurs because of ...
woman talks to male therapist about long term drug rehab

Why Choose Long Term Drug Rehab?

When people get help for drug addiction, they generally have two types of treatment options. These options include short and long term drug rehab. While short-term rehab works fine for some people, long-term treatment generally has a higher success rate. Below are a few reasons why long-term care is a ...
A spilled baggie of crack cocaine that is one of the most striking crack cocaine abuse symptoms

Crack Cocaine Abuse Symptoms

Crack cocaine is a dangerously addictive substance. To abuse this drug, people often vaporize the rock-like substance in a pipe and inhale the smoke. Continuing that behavior can lead to addiction, which requires expert treatment. If you think that a loved one has a cocaine problem, see if you recognize ...
A man looks at a syringe as he weighs the symptoms of drug withdrawal against the consequences of using

Common Symptoms of Drug Withdrawal

Addiction causes widespread damage, not only to the people who abuse drugs and alcohol but to people close to them. When an individual takes the brave step toward recovery, he or she might wonder what comes next. Detoxing the body can be uncomfortable, but it's a necessary part of becoming ...
A woman looks unhappy has she thinks about detox and withdrawal

What Detox and Withdrawal are Like

The first steps of recovering from drug and alcohol addiction usually feel like the hardest. Once you admit they have a problem, you may not enter rehab right away. After all, it can be scary facing detox and withdrawal. While detox isn't a pleasant experience, it's necessary. The good news ...
A young man about to inject drugs is an example of teen substance abuse

How to Spot Teen Substance Abuse

It can be devastating to learn that your child has a teen substance abuse problem. But what if you're not sure what's going on? After all, adolescents go through many changes during their teen years. Is what their going through normal or is it something serious? If you know what ...
Two parents and their teen daughter participate in strategic family therapy

Strategic Family Therapy for Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction often develop from lack of ability to cope. In many cases, this stems from unresolved family problems or trauma. Because substance abuse impacts not only the user but those around him or her, strategic family therapy is beneficial during rehab. In treatment, everyone in the family ...

Is Alcoholism Genetic

There are many causes of alcoholism. If you or a loved one has this disease, it’s important to understand what they are. There’s a common misconception that alcoholism is a choice and people can simply stop using. While it’s true that many people develop an addiction over time, it’s not ...