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Meth Withdrawal Symptoms

When your body is dependent on addictive substances, it reacts when you take those substances away. Although this process — detox — can be uncomfortable, it's a necessary step for anyone wanting to get clean. Many people want to stop using, but withdrawal and its effects are often too much ...

Teen Marijuana Use

Teen marijuana use in the United States is a growing concern. Experts believe that there are several factors that contribute to the high use of pot among teens. From music to regular news coverage, marijuana talk is everywhere. It shouldn't be shocking that teens are curious about trying this drug. ...
physical dependence the hills treatment center

Physical Dependence

The withdrawal symptoms you feel when you try to quit using are the results of physical dependence. Your body reacts to the absence of a chemical. But how did this start? More importantly, how do you overcome it? From Tolerance to Physical Dependence Nobody plans to develop a physiological addiction. ...
what is medical detox the hills treatment center

What Is Detoxification ?

You thought you could stop using any time you chose to. Now, you’re realizing that you can’t. You need help. What is detoxification, and how can it change your life today? Cold Turkey vs. Detoxification at a Rehab Facility Quitting cold turkey isn’t a good idea. For starters, if you ...
A doctor writes a prescription for prescription opioids

How Prescription Opioids Addiction Develops

Few drugs are more addictive than prescription opioids. Since people get prescriptions for these drugs, they tend to think that they aren't dangerous. Unfortunately, that frame of mind often leads to the development of addiction. Below is more information about opioids and how prescription addiction starts. What Are Prescription Opioids? ...
Intact and crushed white pills represent fentanyl drug abuse

Fentanyl Drug Abuse

When it comes to potentially dangerous drugs, you can’t make a list of them without fentanyl on it. This is an extremely addictive drug that requires a doctor's prescription to obtain legally. That doesn't always stop people from buying the fentanyl drug illegally, though. Below is everything that people need ...
green pills beg question what is klonopin

What Is Klonopin?

The number of addictive prescription drugs available can boggle the mind. With so many generic and brand name versions, it's hard for people to tell some of them apart. One example of an addictive drug is Klonopin. However, what is Klonopin? What Is Klonopin Typically Used For? Klonopin is a ...
A closeup of a purple glass to represent purple drank effects

Purple Drank Effects

There's a good chance that anyone who watches the news or listens to popular music has heard of purple drank. However, they may not all understand what it is or why it's so popular with the younger generation. Below is more information about purple drank effects and dangers. What Is ...

Treatment for Co-occurring Disorders

It's not uncommon for mental disorders to appear together. One example of a mental disorder that typically appears with others is addiction. Of course, getting treatment for co-occurring disorders is essential to living the life you want. Below is more information about this style of treatment and why it's essential. ...

4 Signs of Prescription Amphetamine Abuse

Prescription drug abuse is a big problem in cities all over the United States. While prescription painkiller addiction is the worst, people abuse other prescription drugs as well. One example is Prescription Amphetamine. Below are four signs of Prescription Amphetamine abuse that could manifest in those who use it. Signs ...