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Dr. Howard C. Samuels The Hills in the Media

A Message From Our Founder

Dr. Howard Samuels, founder of The Hills Treatment Center, is widely recognized as the leading expert in treatment for alcohol and substance abuse, as well as other mood and addictive disorders. He is often sought after to lend his expertise on television and radio programs throughout the country.

He brings years of experience to the table in his treatment of women and men with various addictions, and understands the struggle personally, as a recovered heroin and cocaine addict for over 28 years. Running two successful treatment centers, Dr. Samuels has helped many people overcome the immense challenges related to overcoming an addiction.

We’re here to give you an individualized treatment program to help you change your life and to recover. The whole goal is to have treatment and then you have to transition everyone back into the real world, transition back into work, back into your families, and back into life.

Dr. Samuels has the ability to connect with his clients, both as one who understands their struggle, and one who will help them get through it. The Hills is unique in that nearly all staff members are in recovery themselves. Dr. Samuels believes sobriety is best achieved when addicts work together toward a common purpose. You’ll find his approach to be very hands-on and interactive. Dr. Samuels understands the importance of honestly addressing addictions and accountability to one another to achieve success. Dr. Howard Samuels is truly a master in the art of helping others attain lasting results. Addiction is serious, as our founder knows first hand, and he brings the experience and knowledge necessary to battle the disease. You’ll find your time with Dr. Samuels to be both comfortable and empowering, as you work together to achieve your goal of independence.

“Alive Again” by Dr. Howard Samuels

Thank you so much, Dr. Samuels, for such an inspiring and hopeful book. This book is especially useful for today’s drug-ridden culture.

If you have any kind of addiction and truly want help, seek ye first a professional therapist then buy Alive Again, and follow it feverishly day by day. It just may save your life and it is worth saving.

This book comes from the unique perspective of a recovering drug-addict with now 28 years clean and sober, and I feel really hits the mark! It is well written, poignant, and shows that with hard work and the help of others, Dr. Howard Samuels was able to overcome his addiction to drugs and alcohol and later set upon a path to help others recover with the creation of his own treatment center.  Dane G. on Amazon

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