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Finding a rehab center in California doesn’t take a lot of searching. However, finding a rehab center that goes above and beyond others isn’t quite as easy. There are certain characteristics to look for in a quality California rehab center.

Find a Rehab Center in California That Offers Detox

rehab-center-in-californiaDetoxing is the first step in any rehab program. In fact, most rehab centers won’t take people who haven’t undergone detox. Since a majority of facilities don’t also offer detox, people have to transfer between facilities to get the treatment that they need.

Instead of transferring between facilities, look for centers that also offer detox. When all treatment takes place in the same location, the entire process goes faster. It also reduces stress.

Look for Gender-Specific Programs

Men and women have their own emotions and ways of processing information. With all of these differences, getting gender-specific treatment makes sense.

Finding a rehab center in California that offers a gender-specific program isn’t difficult. However, finding one that offers it for both men and women is a challenge. At these types of centers, men and women attend different therapy groups without having to go to different centers.

The therapy sessions focus on issues that are more common among each gender. For example, men are more likely to start using drugs because of financial stress. Women tend to turn to drugs to cope with relationship problems. Gender-specific treatment takes a closer look at these issues, which makes it easier for peers to relate.

Large Variety of Rehab Services

California has a lot of residents fighting addiction, and no one treatment works for everyone. Finding a rehab center in California that offers a variety of services is important. For example, some people benefit more from inpatient rehab, while others prefer outpatient rehab.

The facilities help determine which rehab programs are best for their clients. When people arrive at rehab, the staff does an evaluation. During this time, they help decide which programs have the most to offer a specific client.

Some places even provide other forms of outpatient treatment. For example, intensive outpatient treatment isn’t the same as standard outpatient treatment. Having access to all of these options ensures that people get the care that’s best for them.

Consider Luxury

Some rehab centers focus completely on healing people. While treatment is always the top priority, it’s also important for people to consider comfort. California luxury rehab centers aim to keep their clients as stress free as possible. Reducing stress is a great way to speed up the recovery process.

Visit The Hills Treatment Center for the Right Combination of Treatment and Luxury

The Hills Treatment Center knows that there are many California rehab centers. However, we aim to stand above the rest with a focus on both healing and luxury. We want our clients to enjoy their stay as much as possible. Although rehab is never totally pleasant, we go above and beyond to make it comfortable.

At The Hills Treatment Center, we aim to provide everyone with a program that fits their needs. In fact, we create custom and unique treatment plans for every client using services such as:

Luxury is a top priority for us. We have a world-class chef at our center to fix healthy and delicious meals. Since we run a pet-friendly facility, we also invite you to bring your furry friend along.

Don’t spend another day looking for the perfect California rehab center. Visit The Hills Treatment Center to see why so many people put their trust in us. Reach out to us today at 844-915-0287 for more information about our services.