Alumni Mentoring Program

alumni-mentoring-programMany people seem to think that recovery ends with rehab. However, a lot of rehab services continue to provide support. One example is an alumni mentoring program. Discover how this type of program works and what the benefits of enrolling are.

What Is an Alumni Mentoring Program?

The main goal of an alumni group is to offer support to people after rehab. It provides this support through a community. Such a program typically occurs at a rehab facility.

What happens during an alumni mentoring program? Essentially, people fresh out of rehab return to the facility or communicate electronically to connect with others in similar situations. They provide support and encouragement to help each other avoid relapse. They can remain part of the group as long as they want.

How Does This Program Work?

Individuals join this type of program through the rehab center where they completed treatment. As past clients, it allows them to retain access to the center’s network of graduates and stay in touch with the people they went through treatment with. At alumni meetings, they typically participate in activities such as:

  • Social events
  • Meetings once or twice a week
  • Supporting others
  • Sharing stories with other members

Unlike therapy sessions that occur in rehab, alumni meetings can occur in other settings. For example, some programs involve group dinners, bowling or even movie nights. These programs are more about spending time with like-minded people. This sense of community and friendship provides the perfect pillar of support.

Benefits of an Alumni Program

Learning the benefits of an alumni mentoring program makes it easy to see it’s importance after rehab. First, alumni groups give people a sense of community. They strengthen relationships and teach people the value of those relationships.

Helping people fresh out of rehab understand that they aren’t alone does wonders in preventing a relapse. In the end, the community helps them achieve long-lasting sobriety.

Next, an alumni program keeps people connected with other alumni and the rehab center. It gives them access to therapists and coordinators when they need professional support. Knowing that help is just a phone call away assists them in times of need.

An alumni program also gives people access to more support outside of their families. While families provide great support, sometimes people need more than what their families can provide — maybe most importantly, they need the support of people who understand what they’ve been through.

In addition, it teaches people about having fun without the need for drugs. Some people only know how to have fun if they use drugs. However, they can engage in fun, drug-free activities in an alumni program. In the end, they find out that they don’t need drugs in their lives to have a good time.

The Hills Treatment Center Offers Alumni Programs

Are you interested in a treatment center that also offers a top-notch alumni program? If so, check out the recovery options that we offer at The Hills Treatment Center. We believe in providing support during and after rehab. It’s our way of giving you access to quality care that you can count on.

The Hills Treatment Center also believes that a rehab facility is only as good as its staff and programs. Our staff members are caring and put your needs ahead of their own. Our rehab programs keep your best interests at heart. Some of the programs and services that we offer include:

Don’t let your treatment end with rehab. Find out if an alumni mentoring program is right for you. Reach out to The Hills Treatment Center today at 844-915-0287.