Alumni Program

The Hills Alumni Program serves as a bridge from treatment back into life and twelve-step recovery. Every client, no matter what program they participated in (inpatient detoxresidential rehab) remains part of The Hills family.

Staying Connected

By hosting a variety of events, weekly alumni meetings, and alumni-designed activities, we strive to encourage alumni so they take ownership and feel empowered and supported on their personal journey to recovery. Our Alumni program helps build relationships and provide connections. At The Hills Treatment Center, we believe the opposite of addiction is connection.

Just like treatment, recovery shouldn’t be a solo endeavor. The support that individuals in recovery get from their peers helps them to maintain sobriety and remember why they chose a sober life in the first place. Peers can share stories, experiences, triumphs, and failures with each other for years after they finish their formal treatment programs. In fact, having these connections is invaluable to anyone trying to stay clean.

Enjoying Sobriety

Addiction takes a lot of time and energy. Once you begin living a life free from drugs and alcohol, you need to find something to occupy your time. After all, there’s that old adage about idle hands. Spending time with peers doing sober activities gives our alumni a way to spend their time without the temptation to use.

Alumni events may include dinners, charity events, or simply socializing to pass the time. Our aftercare program and sober companion services also helps build your support system by connecting you with one of our trained professionals to teach you relapse prevention strategies and guide you through each step of reintegration. Whatever the activity may be, the goals are always the same. Specifically, to continue to enjoy life in sobriety and discover new hobbies and interests!

The Hills Alumni Program – A Family in Recovery

At The Hills Treatment Center, we firmly believe that our clients are family. Maintaining those close ties is important to us. We love to hear your stories and see where treatment has taken you. Additionally, you’ll find that those who you spend time in recovery with become your family, too. The bonds that you’ll create in one of our programs should last a lifetime, and our alumni program facilitates that. If you’re interested in treatment at The Hills Treatment Center or want to know more about our alumni program and continuing care, give us a call at 844-915-0287 today.