3 Detox Myths Shattered by Medical Facts

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medical professional explaining 3 detox myths to patient

A number of myths concerning medical detox have cropped up over the years, often confusing people who are considering treatment. If you’ve been thinking about entering alcohol or drug detox, it’s important to educate yourself about these myths to choose a quality facility that understands just how essential medical detox is. Let’s take a look at three of the many myths surrounding this form of detox:

Myth #1: Any Addiction Can Be Overcome “Cold Turkey”

Physician describes 3 detox myths to her client

Most addictions are hard to overcome alone, as changes in brain chemistry have resulted in assorted compulsions and cravings that are very real and very painful. And while those addicted to drugs or alcohol may want to get sober, it is often very difficult to do so on their own due to these neurological changes. Depending on the addiction, attempting to quit “cold turkey” without the supervision of a drug rehabilitation center can actually be dangerous. Medical detox followed by a quality drug rehab program is often the best and most permanent way of ending addiction.

Myth #2: Medical Detox Eliminates Withdrawal Symptoms

Unfortunately this is simply not true. While detox medications are designed to aid the process and lessen withdrawal symptoms, most do not eliminate symptoms entirely, making it all the more necessary to rely on supervised treatment by experts. Physical discomfort is especially prevalent when undergoing withdrawal from opiates, and side effects from detox medications are also possible. Examples of side effects from detox medications include fever, insomnia, irritability, nausea and intense muscle aches.

Myth #3: You Can’t Force Someone Into Medical Detox or Drug Rehab

Just because a person entered a private detox center unwillingly does not mean detox and rehabilitation won’t be successful. Many enter medical detox following a court order or because of pressure from work, the military, or concerned family and friends. And while the addict may be hesitant to seek treatment at first, completing detox and overcoming withdrawal often allows for self-examination and the decision to live an alcohol and drug-free life. Eliminating cravings thanks to medical detox allows the person to clearly see the negative impact of drugs and alcohol and how important it is to rectify the issue before further damage is done to health, well-being, work and personal relationships.

These are just some of the many myths surrounding medical detox! Give yourself the gift of education concerning this subject, as it will help you choose the right private addiction treatment center for your needs. After all, you’re making a very important decision—isn’t it necessary to choose the best facility possible?

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