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Welcome to The Hills


A unique therapeutic drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility located in Los Angeles, CA.

We treat a maximum of 21 clients at a time

Call us 866-323-4665
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2 Days -$475

Continental breakfast and lunch included both days
Dinner Friday with Keynote Speaker
Register online at http://www.coloradointervention.com/training/

Whether you are a recovery professional working with clients reached via intervention or seeking to become an interventionist yourself, this 2 day course is a must for you. Keith & Marti will share experience gained while facilitating hundreds of interventions nationwide and offer invaluable tools for achieving a higher rate of success while staying grounded spiritually.




Drug and Alcohol addictions are complex diseases with far reaching consequences. Does your drug seeking behavior persist despite serious consequences? Have your family or friends expressed concern? Are you in trouble at work or at school because of your drug or alcohol use? Have your moods, appetite, sleeping habits, and overall health changed? Do you find that you cannot be without your drug of choice at any time? Consult immediately with your physician or an expert in the field of addiction to assess your need for treatment, or, you may speak to us at The Hills Treatment Center.

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You will be greeted by one of our knowledgeable and compassionate admissions specialists who are here 24/7 to answer your questions and concerns in complete confidentiality.
Our staff of trained professionals will assess which program best serves your needs and determine your start date right away. The next step is scheduling you to come up and complete your intake, in which we will gather all the proper medical history to assess your medical and treatment needs.
Every treatment plan at The Hills is individualized and the length of time in treatment depends on the individual’s specific needs. Since we address the whole person, initial treatment, rehabilitation, and recovery is determined on a client-by-client basis.
That in part is up to you. The caring team at The Hills does all that it can to ensure that the program maximizes every opportunity for your successful outcome. All of the programs, from detox to recovery support, are designed according to the latest and best drug and alcohol research guidelines. We offer many therapeutic models to ensure that you end your battle with drug dependency and addiction.
The Hills Residential Treatment Center is located in the the beautiful Hollywood hills. Set back along a secluded driveway, our clients are treated in a safe and secure environment. Our Hollywood hills location, while sheltered, still remains easily accessible to airports and highways. The 360 view showcase both downtown Los Angels, Studio City.

Our state of the art outpatient center is located in the heart of Hollywood on the famous Melrose Avenue, it is close to shop and world class restaurants .

Clients either pay with cash or insurance. We do our best to coordinate with many different insurance carriers to cover the cost of treatment.  Discuss the details of you accessing your insurance with one of our experienced admission counselors. Please Note: HMO’s, MediCare, MediCal, Medicaid and Kaiser will not cover. Clients are to be held responsible for any co-pay or deductible required by your insurance company.
At The Hills you will find a blend of addiction therapists, counselors, and paraprofessional staff members who apply the leading-edge drug and alcohol methodologies, while still feeling like family. Within this structured environment, you will find caring support at every level and at all times, as well as a luxury rehab setting to ease every step you take on the path to drug rehab. When you’re at The Hills Treatment Center, you’re not detoxing alone, but you’re safely on your way to a well-guided recovery.


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A guide to locating appropriate treatment, entering a rehab and more. Includes questions and answers, and a California Drug Rehab Guide.



• Family Involvement • Specific Drugs • Treatment Facilities • Financial Issues • Before Entering Rehab • After Drug Rehab • Los Angeles Drug Rehab • Legal Issues


“It’s personal”

Dr. Howard C. Samuels


“7 Years ago I made the most important phone call of My Life”

Reid Hanlon


Dr. Howard C. Samuels



31 Years In Recovery

Bruce Turner, MA



28 Years In Recovery

Oren Pius



12 Years In Recovery

Jorja Davis, MFT



28 Years In Recovery

Residential Care

Residential Drug Rehabilitation

The Hills Treatment Center offers a unique educational and therapeutic drug rehabilitation and alcohol rehabilitation experience in Los Angeles, CA. Our rehabilitation center uses the best research practices licensed alcohol and drug rehab has to offer, including services for co-existing disorders, dual diagnosis, and mental health issues through several psychiatrists whom we are closely affiliated with.

The staff at The Hills understands the need to provide privacy in a supportive setting. Located on a secluded gated private road The Hills maintains three separate houses each full staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Residential Care

Personalized Drug Detoxification

When it comes to personalized, professional treatment of drug addiction, Los Angeles residents turn to The Hills Center. As our client, you’ll never experience a cold, clinical treatment plan. Each and every one of our clients receives tailored treatment as unique as they. You’re more than your past. You are more than your addiction. And at The Hills Center, we’ll help you break free from addiction and take back your life.

Those who struggle with addiction know it takes more than sheer willpower to overcome addictive patterns. Most often, the answer is drug rehab. Los Angeles area residents choose The Hills Center for drug treatment programs that provide lasting, healthy results. If you’re tired of drug rehab facilities that offer empty promises and uncomfortable treatments, The Hills Center offers hope and health through tailored treatments with lasting results.

Call The Hills Center today for answers about addiction recovery. There’s no pressure to sign up for treatment. You don’t have to live with addiction any longer. 866-323-4665 puts you in touch with a caring professional at The Hills Center. 

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Outpatient Services

The Hills offers the premier Outpatient experience in Los Angeles. Conveniently located in the Melrose District of Los Angeles, our Outpatient programs center provides the support and accountability necessary for continued success in a sober life. Clients are assisted by highly accredited members of our staff who oversee a wide variety of proven therapeutic programs designed to ease the transition back to everyday living and achieving a lifetime of sobriety. Our outpatient program center is a dynamic facility in which clients continue to hone their everyday coping skills and learn how to identify and manage the triggers that have the highest potential for relapse. Our outpatient center is so highly respected that some of our clients arrive here from other programs.  Learn more about The Hills Outpatient Center

Many of our Outpatient clients live in one of our sober living homes, while others live at home and commute to our Outpatient center during the day or evening program.

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Residential Care

Sober Living Treatment Facilities

When you plan your stay at a Hills sober living home in Los Angeles, you are taking a definitive, empowering step toward long-term sobriety. With a recovery track geared toward independent living, our facilities provide a warm, nourishing atmosphere embedded in a structure that helps our clients reintegrate back into both their lives and society at large.

Random toxicology screenings ensure that our clients feel safe and cared for as they travail the pitfalls of early recovery and learn how to live outside of the super structured rehab experience. At our sober living home in Los Angeles, our clients cook and clean for themselves. During Outpatient treatment, they will also attend 12-step meetings and attend our celebrated IOP program, replete with Therapists and Case Managers who support them every step of the way.

Centrally located within easy reach to public transportation, our homes are nestled in bright, sunny neighborhoods that offer amenities you would be hard-pressed to find in any other sober living facility of our caliber. Personal cellular phones, electronic devices, computers, laptops, vehicles, and in some instances, even pets are permitted. Our co-ed program offers semi-private rooms with individually private rooms available upon request.

Tours are welcomed and can be set up by contacting our Admissions team at  866-323-4665.

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Residential Care

High End Inpatient Drug Rehab

Recovering from addiction doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable experience. At The Hills center, our high end rehab treatment programs provide luxurious environments, chef-prepared meals, and all the amenities you’ve come to expect at a four star hotel. Daily housekeeping, individualized therapy, and access to staff around the clock are just a few of the services we provide, but the real luxury is in the details. We take the time to listen and tailor services specifically to your needs. Experience the difference personalized treatment can make at The Hills Center.

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by Dr. Howard Samuels


Written from the unique perspective of a recovering addict who has helped thousands of people overcome addiction to alcohol and drugs. • Shares with readers for the first time in book form The Hills’ world-renowned treatment program. • Tells Samuels’ personal recovery story as the son of a prominent politician and businessman among the rich and famous in New York and Washington. • Contains a groundbreaking prescriptive program showing how to work each of the 12 steps. • Examines the cause of addictions, relapses, and fallback addictions • Contains important information for family and friends of those struggling with addiction, including steps for intervention and healing.

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CARF or Commission of Accredited Rehabilitation Facilities is an independent, nonprofit accreditor of health and human services. The Hills Treatment Center takes pride in the fact that we have been awarded its CARF maximum certification for two consecutive 3 year periods, and continued to provide exceptional treatment for its numerous clients over the years. A CARF certification allows you, the client to utilize your PPO health insurance to cover the costs of your detoxification, residential, and outpatient treatment services, when applicable.
Please Note:  An insurance verification must be completed prior to determine if your policy is eligible for certification into The Hills Program.

National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers