Treatment Plan for Cocaine Addiction

A treatment plan for cocaine addiction is a drawn up by a counselor based on the client's initial intake. The plan establishes goals for addict in treatment in order to commit to staying clean and sober. Initially, the cocaine addict's willingness to change must be assessed. He or she may be ambivalent about really abstaining from all drugs, not just cocaine, or may be in denial. Denial is one of the most common issues to address when constructing a treatment plan, because most people with a cocaine addiction, or any addiction, do not think they have a problem. Overcoming denial is one of the key factors in any treatment plan for cocaine addiction. A counselor will usually approach the addict with the bare facts of their life, for example, having them make lists of what or who they have lost because of cocaine in order to overcome denial.

Usually framed as an agreement, a treatment plan for cocaine addiction is signed and agreed to by the client, to keep him or her honest and aware of the risks at stake. The treatment plan may lay out a schedule of required twelve step meetings to participate in, scheduled drug testing, and counseling meetings. By getting to know the client, the counselor can prepare a customized, individual treatment plan that everyone agrees upon and are comfortable with.

A treatment plan for cocaine addiction is like a road-map to success. If followed, one will gain a new healthy life of recovery.

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