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Partial Treatment

The Hills Treatment Center encourages clients to participate in the benefit of our full Inpatient Treatment Program, as well as our Extended Care and Sober Living options, but we know that treatment plans vary from person to person. Partial treatment may be an option for a client who has completed our residential program or for someone who has come from another residential program or hospital facility.

As part of out Partial treatment program, our clients can participate in all of our Inpatient activities except actually sleeping at the facility.

Partial treatment often begins in the morning with group meditation and continues into the evening with 12-Step meetings and other support groups. The last group of the day takes place after the clients have returned to the facility from a 12-Step meeting. After that, the clients will either drive themselves home or transportation home can be provided by The Hills staff.

The Partial Treatment program takes place 6 to 7 days a week and includes the following:

Group therapy

Therapy on a group level offers insight into the importance of establishing a foundation of support in recovery.

Individual therapy

Working with a therapist one-on-one ensures that our clients get the specific support they need to address their various issues surrounding their addictions and their recovery.

Medication support

Our staff of clinicians is available to administer and monitor our clients’ medications in a safe manner, as well as to educating clients on the effects of SSRIs and addiction medicine.

Psychopharmacological assessments and check-ins

Clients will regularly work one-on-one with friendly, qualified pharmacologists who can professionally diagnose symptoms and disorders and prescribe medications accordingly.

Monitored urinalysis

Regular and random urine screenings are designed to encourage our clients to provide clean tests and to protect them, and others, from using drugs while in treatment.

Staff supported 12-Step meetings

Clients are introduced to the steps, traditions, and principles of Alcoholics Anonymous and are encouraged to incorporate them into the daily maintenance of their recovery by attending outside meetings with staff and other clients. Clients also regularly refer to the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous in meditation and staff-facilitated support groups.

Three meals a day, including snacks

Our world-class chef provides our clients with top-quality cuisine daily, helping residents to reestablish a regular, healthy diet crucial to physical recovery.

Studies show that Partial Treatment is a great way to bridge the gap between residential care and home living. Every bit of support counts.

Our Partial Treatment programs are available for treatment of co-occurring disorders and dual diagnosis patients as well as those suffering from bi-polar, anorexia and bulimia, anxiety disorders, post traumatic stress disorders, as well as alcoholism and substance abuse and/or dependence.

Programs geared towards young adults, aging adults and professionals are also available.

"The Hills staff were exceptional--they made me feel safe and comfortable. They were supportive and very knowledgeable about recovery and the 12 step program."

-Sarah, Hills Treatment Center Alumni

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