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What is Dual Diagnosis and How Does it Affect Me?

The term "dual diagnosis" has been popping up a lot lately, and you are probably wondering, "What is dual diagnosis and how does it affect me?" In the drug rehabilitation realm, the term "dual diagnosis" means that a patient will be treated for both a substance abuse issue, as well as the underlying cause of the drug or alcohol addiction. It is no surprise that an addict can use drugs and alcohol to self-medicate a certain condition or disease, yet so many inpatient drug rehab facilities seem to miss the mark and focus solely on the addiction issue, rather than look at the whole picture. In many cases, a patient is not just dealing with addiction, they are also dealing with a physical condition or mental illness, which needs to be addressed for treatment to be successful.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction and you suspect there are other issues at play, dual diagnosis treatment centers can help diagnose any underlying physical issues, emotional problems or mental illnesses. Drug or alcohol addiction does not often spring out of nowhere. It is extremely common there is another serious issue to deal with in tandem with the addiction. For example, a person who has a physical condition that causes chronic pain may develop an addiction to prescription pain pills. A person who has severe emotional problems may drink to cope with the everyday stresses that they are incapable of handling. An individual with an undiagnosed mental illness may use drugs to self-medicate, in attempt to control their symptoms and handle their moods. It is not uncommon for a person to turn to serious drugs before seeking professional help for a mental illness screen.

Dual Diagnosis Drug Rehabilitation Center

A dual diagnosis drug rehabilitation center works to heal a patient on several levels. First, a patient undergoes alcohol or drug detox, a medically-guided process which helps rid the body of toxins and facilitates a healthy start to the recovery process. Next, a patient works with an expert medical staff for a full workup of mental, emotional and physical issues. Once a diagnosis has been made, a patient will receive appropriate treatment, therapy and medication to help them get back on track. During this process, a patient will also undergo treatment and therapy for their specific addiction. The idea is that a patient leave the drug rehabilitation center with not only the right tools in place to tackle their addiction, but also the right treatment to help them manage and heal the underlying causes of that addiction.

Finding Dual Diagnosis: Drug Treatment Los Angeles

Looking for top-quality dual diagnosis drug treatment? Los Angeles' The Hills Treatment Center is more than just a drug detox center, it is a high end rehab center that specializes in whole mind-body healing and offers effective dual-diagnosis treatment. To learn more about the dual diagnosis treatment options at The Hills visit our website for an informative consultation.

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