Sober Living vs Halfway House

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What is the Difference Between a Sober Living and a Halfway House?

Sober living houses are often confused for halfway houses. A halfway house is generally provided for those released from jail or prison, and serves as a reintegration tool. Many halfway houses treat substance abuse, although this may not be their primary focus. Some are reserved solely for those with severe mental disorders. Halfway houses often involve a program of treatment with daily groups and meetings. These facilities are government funded, and may be free or low-cost.

Sober living houses are private residences, usually providing support for those struggling with a substance abuse problem. They differ in structure and prices, but generally have less structure than a halfway house. Sober livings are attended voluntarily, and are not usually court-mandated. Provided as a means for reintegration of recovering addicts, sober living houses give the recovering addict a healthy peer network and model of recovery.

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