How the Courts Look At Someone in Rehab

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How Can Drug Rehab Effect my Court Case?

One of the most common problems an addict or alcoholic faces is legal problems. DUI's, violent charges, robbery, and possession of a controlled substance charges are the most common offenses drug addicts face. Whether the charges are minor or severe, a drug rehab may decrease your chances of incarceration.

The best time to attend drug rehab in this situation is generally as soon after legal problems begin. Chances are that if you are suffering legal problems as a result of your drug or alcohol use, drug rehab will most likely benefit you. The longer you have been sober and in treatment when the court ruling comes around, the better it looks for you. Many treatment centers can provide letters from psychologists, psychiatrists, or therapists in order to help your case. Some luxury treatment programs may even have a court liaison that works specifically to aid those dealing with pending court cases.

Known in the recovery community as a "judge nudge", many people go to treatment in order to deal with a court case, only to decide that sobriety is a better choice in the long-run. Legal problems that arise from drug or alcohol abuse is a warning sign of addiction, and many consider it a sign that their drug or alcohol use is already out of control.

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