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Drug Addiction and Drug Treatment: You Are Not Alone

One of the most common emotions expressed by our clients and their loved ones is the feeling of isolation and loneliness. These people come to The Hills drug rehabilitation center believing that their situation is not only unique, it is desperate. The truth is that drug addiction and alcoholism are serious problems in the U.S. [...]

Drug Rehab : Letting Go of the Past

Letting Go Of The Past Won’t Happen Over-Night But It Is Possible It is a gradual process that can be achieved through communication and honesty with yourself and others. Remember there is a difference between letting go of the past and repressing the past memories that haunt us. Repression is highly damaging to oneself as [...]

The Family’s Role in Treating Addiction

Understanding The Family Dynamic Often addiction is talked about as a family disease; it affects not only the addicted individual, but also the people who have relationships with the addict. It becomes important for the family to recognize their role in the addiction so that they can make positive changes, offer guidance and support, and [...]

Solidifying Your Sobriety with Sober Living

Many of us alcoholics and addicts do not know how to function normally with or without our substances in everyday life. The process of changing our destructive lifestyles to healthy and productive ones is not easy. To come out of institutions and go back to where we came from and stay sober can be extremely [...]