Drug and alcohol treatment centers take various approaches to recovery.  Experts in the field of addiction treatment have found that some approaches are more successful than others.  When choosing between different drug and alcohol treatment facilities, it’s recommended that you look carefully at not only the detoxification and treatment methods used, but also examine what programs are offered to support the recovery phase of addiction rehab.

What The Experts Say About Drug Treatment and Recovery

A few years ago, The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) conducted a case study that examined  provider approaches to recovery.  Their research revealed that recovery from drug and or alcohol addiction is a gradual process that is achieved through abstinence, improved health and wellness, and overall better quality of life.    As opposed to the quicker detoxification and discharge type of program, they recommend a recovery-driven system of care, and they developed guidelines about the nature of recovery as an end-goal at any worthy treatment facility.

            There are many routes to recovery

            Recovery is self-directed

Recovery is holistic and centered on the individual

Recovery requires individual acknowledgement that change is needed

Recovery is supported by peers and loved ones

Recovery involves pride and determination

Recovery needs rebuilding a life within the community


What Should Drug Treatment Facilities Provide?

The best drug treatment facilities should provide various recovery support programs.  They should offer flexible options that are developed over time to suit the changing needs of recovering individuals under their care.  Each individual should have access to these services under the guidance of staff that they have built a relationship with during drug detoxification and rehabilitation phases of treatment.

Treatment is highly individual

Continuity of care is provided

Integrated services

Responsive therapeutic dynamics

Partnership based, an culturally responsive

Peer recovery support options

Inclusion of families and significant others

Available education and training


Recovery at The Hills

The Hills Treatment Center is always on the leading edge of drug and alcohol treatment methodology, and provides a wide variety of recovery support programs for each individual in their care.  Their talented team of clinicians and paraprofessionals guide each client from detoxification through to recovery and beyond, always intent on transitioning individuals back into the community successfully.  Consult with an admissions counselor at The Hills, and begin the journey toward recovery from drug and or alcohol addiction.  At The Hills, you’re building a partnership for life, your better life.

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Are you concerned about a friend or loved one, or perhaps wondering if you – yourself have developed an addiction to drugs?  If that question is of concern, than researching and trying to answer that question is exactly the right course of action.  Addiction to drugs and alcohol has touched every segment of the population, and nobody is excluded from its reach.  Don’t attach a stigma to your speculation because all that matters is that the person in question receives the help that they deserve.  Not addressing your concerns is the only mistake you can make; and it is far better to rule out a possible drug addiction than allow that problem to go untreated.

How To Recognize Drug Addiction

Jot down some of the behaviors that lead you to wonder about a possible drug addiction.  Can you remember exactly what a friend or loved one has done or said to raise your suspicions?  Are you seeing changes in patterns of behavior, mood, or activities over time that have accumulated to leave you with this impression?


  •   Have work or school responsibilities become unmanageable?
  •  Has the person become reclusive or withdrawn?
  •  Are there dramatic changes in appetite?
  •  Is there a change in sleep patterns?
  • Do you often notice unexplained mood swings?



 It may be the case that you’ve actually noticed this friend or loved one using drugs, or they have told you that they have.  Or, you-yourself can recognize and admit to drug use and addiction.  If that’s the case, check further into the warning signs.

  •  Much time is spent getting and using the drug.
  • Cravings are out of control.
  •  Drug use continues despite negative outcomes.
  •  Personal relationships have deteriorated.
  •  Work and or school are severely impacted.
  •  Signs and symptoms of withdrawal are apparent.


Seeking Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Research tells us that drug addiction is a complex illness, and a disease of the brain; but can be treated successfully under the proper guidelines.   If you think a friend or loved one might be addicted to drugs, then you can’t fix the problem yourself, and they can’t fix it alone either.  Instead, turn to a reputable, premier program like The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles.   Their safe and secure, serene setting provides a variety of treatment methodologies to suit every individual’s lifestyle needs.  Here you will find kind, trusted clinicians and attentive paraprofessionals delivering therapeutic support, around the clock, for each individual.  Consult with an admission counselor today and go from wondering about drug addiction to taking the first step in treating drug addiction. 

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Millions of Americans abuse substances to the degree that they themselves, their family or friends cannot bring the problem under control or eliminate it.  In such situations, participation in an addiction treatment program may be a life-saving measure.

As the National Institute on Drug Abuse  (NIDA) explains, drug addiction is a complex illness identified with intense, uncontrollable drug cravings and drug seeking activities, which persist despite devastating consequences.  Drug addiction is a disease of the brain that can affect learning, memory, and motivation. Because drug addiction has so many dimensions and is so disruptive to the physical and emotional aspects of an individual’s life, there is no quick and easy treatment solution to unwind this disease of addiction.

The Basics of Drug Treatment

There’s many years of research showing that drug treatment can help those who are addicted to drugs stop using drugs.  There are some basic and well-accepted principals of effective drug treatment that should form the foundation of any effective drug treatment program, and they can be found within three distinct phases of drug addiction treatment.

Detoxification:  The goal of detoxification is to rid the body of toxins produced by drug use, so that the body can readjust and heal itself after being drug dependent.  It’s thought of as unwise to try a drug detox on your own as it’s a particularly vulnerable time, however, a good residential drug detoxification program can ease the process of detoxification and the challenges of drug withdrawal.

Rehabilitation:  Once a supervised detoxification program has been completed, the work of rehabilitation can begin. This is a pivotal time in the life of a recently detoxified individual, when abstinence is new and their overall state of health is being tested.  At this point, a valid rehabilitation phase should include a variety of behavioral treatments and therapeutic approaches to help individual’s modify attitudes and increase functional life skills.  Residential treatment is an excellent milieu in which to flourish rehabilitation.

Recovery:  Finally the drug-addicted individual will reach the goal of recovery, having completed drug detoxification and rehabilitation under the guidance of a residential program.  However, continued support is still necessary as this fledgling recovery must stand up to the distractions and stressors of a mainstream lifestyle, and it is highly recommended that therapeutic support continues for longer time with no limit preset.


Addiction Treatment at The Hills Treatment Center

The environment at The Hills is the finest, most skilled, kindest, luxury environment in which to complete the three phases of drug detoxification, rehabilitation, and recovery.   The Hills treatment modalities hit every note when it comes to supporting the whole person as they steward you through your battle against drug addiction.  Consult with them today and begin your own journey, not alone, but with proper support to achieve the end goal of recovery; and even then you won’t be alone with The Hills programs there to support you.

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Detoxification is the first step in recovery from drug addiction, and is the first thing

everybody associates with stopping drug use.  Detoxification is the process by which the body rids itself of a drug, while managing the symptoms of withdrawal.  Those symptoms of withdrawal are a frightening proposition, one that often keeps those who are addicted to drugs away from detoxification.  Managing the symptoms of withdrawal is crucial to the process of detoxification, and the ability to manage withdrawal is a make or break for detox.  Without succeeding through this initial step in battling drug addiction, there’s no moving forward to recovery and rehabilitation.

Withdrawal:  The Challenge to Drug Detoxification

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) describes the typical withdrawal symptoms that occur after long-term use of a drug is reduced or stopped abruptly, regardless of the particular addicted substance.  The length of time that these symptoms of withdrawal can last are anywhere from days to weeks.

  •   muscle and bone pain
  • restlessness
  • insomnia
  • vomiting and or diarrhea
  • cold or hot flashes
  • depression
  •  loss of appetite
  • headaches
  •  irritability
  •  anxiety
  •  intensified drug cravings



 In light of the physical and emotional discomfort, and even dangers presented when going through drug detoxification and withdrawal, it makes sense to endure the process in a private, residential setting.  Don’t detox alone.  Once you’ve taken the brave step to commit to drug detox, have help along the way.  It’s crucial to make it through the first phase of ending drug addiction and accepting help is pivotal. 

A private detox center like that found at The Hills Treatment Center, exemplifies all the benefits of residential detoxification.  In the hills overlooking Los Angeles, they provide you with a safe and serene private residential setting to support the detox process.  Their professional staffs who are leaders in the field of addiction treatment, is there to assist you 24/7, providing invaluable guidance every step of the way.   You will find yourself in private, luxury accommodations, with one-to-one personnel, and world-class meals to ease the journey.   Contact Admissions and speak to a representative today .  It’s a call that may change your life.




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Dual Diagnosis Treatment: Los Angeles

Substance abuse and drug addiction are rarely “stand alone” problems. There is usually another issue (mental, emotional, psychological or physical) that an addict is dealing with. Treating an addiction, as well as the cause behind the addiction is known as “dual diagnosis treatment”. Dual diagnosis treatment is the practice of treating both the substance abuse issue, as well as the underlying cause of the drug or alcohol addiction. It’s a well-known fact that addicts often use drugs and alcohol to “self-medicate” themselves. This self-medication can be from emotional scars, mental illness, psychological problems or physical conditions. The drugs and alcohol act as an escape – a way to feel better, or to not feel at all. The problem with self-medicating, is it never solves any of the underlying issues and typically results in an addiction. Dual diagnosis treatment is a highly-successful addiction treatment program because it heals the addict as a whole, dealing with the deep-rooted issues that cause addiction, rather than just the addiction itself

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Drug or alcohol addiction does not often “come out of nowhere”. If you or a loved one is suffering from alcohol or drug addiction, dual diagnosis treatment centers can help diagnosis any underlying physical issues, emotional problems or mental illnesses. Here are some common scenarios requiring dual-diagnosis treatment:

·      A person with a physical condition that causes chronic pain may develop an addiction to prescription pain pills.

·      A person who has severe emotional problems may drink to cope with the everyday stresses that they are incapable of handling.

·      An individual with an undiagnosed mental illness may use drugs to self-medicate, in attempt to control their symptoms and handle their moods.

·      A person dealing with a stressful life situation (divorce, loss of job, death of a loved one) may turn to drugs and alcohol to help them cope.

It is not uncommon for a person to turn to serious drugs before seeking professional help for a mental illness screen. People with physical conditions often begin their addiction with doctor-prescribed medication to manage pain – and end up addicted.

Dual Diagnosis Drug Rehabilitation Center

Seeking help is the most important step you’ll take in recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. A dual diagnosis treatment center can help treat concurring conditions in the following ways:

·      A patient will undergo alcohol or drug detox. This is a medically-guided process which helps rid the body of toxins and facilitates a healthy start to the recovery process.

·      A patient will work one-on-one with an expert medical staff for a full work-up of mental, emotional and physical issues.

·      After a diagnosis has been made, a patient will receive appropriate treatment, therapy and medication to help them get back on track.

·      The patient will also undergo treatment and therapy for their specific addiction.

The purpose of dual diagnosis treatment at an inpatient drug rehab center is for a patient to leave the drug rehabilitation center with the right tools in place to tackle their addiction, as well as the right treatment to help them manage and heal the underlying causes of their addiction.

Dual Diagnosis: Drug Treatment Los Angeles

Where can you find the best diagnosis drug treatment? Los Angeles’ The Hills Treatment Center offers top-notch, medically-guided dual diagnosis treatment options that allow an addict to heal as a whole.  To learn more about the dual diagnosis treatment options at The Hills visit our web site for an informative consultation. 

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Drug Detox Los Angeles

When beginning your search for a drug rehabilitation center that offers drug detox, Los Angeles has a lot of options. It’s not a surprise that southern California is home to many private detox centers. Los Angeles’ temperate climate, beautiful scenery and health-focused, progressive lifestyle makes the perfect home for seeking treatment for your drug and alcohol addiction. Seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction starts with detoxification. A private detox center allows your body to clear itself of toxins in a safe and controlled environment.  Before you commit to completing an alcohol and drug detox, you most likely have many questions on your mind. What treatments will be used? What will your day-to-day routine look like? How will your body handle detoxing from drugs and alcohol? What are the physical and mental symptoms of drug detox? Will the staff be able to meet your specific needs? Will you be able to see family and friends during the detox process? How long will it take? The decision to enter a residential treatment facility is not one to be taken lightly and it is normal to have questions and concerns. The more you understand the inpatient drug rehabilitation process, the easier it will be to feel confident in your decision to seek treatment.  


What to Expect at Alcohol and Drug Detox

Knowing what to expect during drug and alcohol detox and inpatient drug rehab will help you find success and sobriety. The first step in most inpatient drug rehabilitation programs is the detoxification process. Detoxification is a medically-guided alcohol and drug detox process helps your body eliminate the toxic chemicals that are built up in your system from drug use. The process isn’t easy, but with proper medical and therapeutic guidance, it will be made as comfortable as possible. Many patients are scared of the physical, emotional and mental pain that can occur during the drug detox process – and this fear can keep addicts from seeking treatment. Detox isn’t a walk in the park, but drug and alcohol abuse destroys your body and mind – detox is the only option for healing and the hope for a brighter future.  Some symptoms that you can expect in alcohol and drug detox include:

·      Agitation

·      Anxiety

·      Panic attacks

·      Muscle aches

·      Trembling

·      Insomnia

·      Sweating

·      Cramping

·      Nausea

·      Vomiting

·      Difficulty breathing

·      Increased heart rate

·      Chills

Managing the Symptoms of Alcohol and Drug Detox

Though there are some unpleasant side effects of alcohol and drug detox, it is important to remember that these side effects are only temporary. The body is incredibly resilient and WANTS to heal and get rid of those toxins. A medically-guided detoxification process includes pain management and around-the-clock care to help you manage the symptoms of detoxification. Once you are physically able to, you’ll begin attending both group and individual therapy sessions. These therapy sessions offer much-needed support during your rehabilitation process. In therapy, you will begin to identify and cope with the triggers and underlying issues that cause your alcohol and drug abuse. Inpatient drug and alcohol treatment varies from person to person, and is individualized to their specific addictions and their needs. There is no “time line” for treating a serious addiction – rather a patient is guided along their individual path towards healing and sobriety.

Drug Detox: Los Angeles

If you’re ready to commit to sobriety and get started with drug detox, Los Angeles’ The Hills Treatment Center offers comprehensive treatment and detoxification for drugs and alcohol. The Hills Treatment Center offers a luxurious southern California retreat in which a patient can focus on healing and living a life free from drugs, alcohol and harmful addictive behavior. To learn more about world class drug detox in Los Angeles, visit The Hills web site for more information.

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The Hills Treatment Center, high atop the hills of Los Angeles, is more than a luxury drug treatment center.  While they do feature a premier, private residential rehab facility, The Hills is far more than that in their delivery of state-of-the-art drug treatment therapies.  Their drug treatment center brings together the finest minds in the field of addiction, applying the best research practices that a drug treatment center can provide.


Why  Select The Hills Treatment Center for Drug Treatment?

There are many reasons to select The Hills, starting with it’s founder, Dr. Howard Samuels.   Dr. Samuels is a leading expert in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, and has himself been clean and sober for 29 years; a testament to his deep commitment to the field of addiction treatment and recovery.  In addition to being a book author and columnist with The Huffington Post, Dr. Samuels can also been seen on network television shows such as Good Morning America and The Today Show.   He leads his staff of clinicians and paraprofessionals who are kind, caring, respectful of client privacy, and well versed in various therapeutic modalities of drug treatment.


Drug Treatment Support Programs

Besides the stellar staff at The Hills, their treatment philosophy takes a whole person approach.  Each treatment plan is customized to each particular individual, recognizing every client as a unique person distinct from his or her drug addiction.  In order to foster drug treatment and rehabilitation, The Hills offers a wide variety of support programs to that end, making it the premier, distinguished drug treatment center that it is known to be.


Residential Care  

Sober Living   

Family Outreach   

Dual Diagnosis   

Young Adults  

New Lease on Life    

Individual and Group Counseling   




Review The Hills Treatment Center website and you will be impressed with what an superb drug treatment center it is on all levels.  You will quickly learn that they are the drug treatment center that understands and supports your struggle against drug addiction from detoxification, to rehabilitation and on to recovery.  The staff at The Hills is there to guide you every step of the way in a safe and serene environment.   Then, contact an admissions representative at The Hills today and they will answer your specific questions and concerns.   Soon you’ll hear those life-changing words, welcome to The Hills.




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Methamphetamine addiction requires a combination of treatments in order to effectively achieve recovery and rehabilitation.   The professionals at The Hills Treatment Center  incorporate a variety of behavioral therapies including cognitive behavioral models in order to combat the struggle against meth addiction.   As the experts at the National Institute of Drug Abuse  (NIDA report, methamphetamine is a powerful and highly addictive stimulant that greatly affects the central nervous system with very long-lasting and harmful effects; used by approximately 1.2 million people in 2012.   At The Hills, they understand the serious nature of methamphetamine addiction and it’s consequences for the addicted person and their loved ones.


Meth Addiction Rehabilitation at The Hills

The focus at The Hills is on the individual and making their path to recovery and rehabilitation as manageable as possible.  To that end, The Hills features a luxury, inpatient residence that is a safe and serene setting in which to begin overcoming an addiction.   In a secluded location atop the hills of Los Angeles, The Hills inpatient residence is a 24-hour, fully staffed and supervised program. 


The individual who is battling meth addiction and working toward rehabilitation will not face a one-size-all treatment plan.  Their clinical staff of experts in addiction treatment, recognize that treatment plans tailored to each individual resident result in the best outcomes for recovery.  Methamphetamine rehabilitation is governed by a wide variety of treatment modalities all managed within The Hills facility by their expert staff.  The team of professionals and paraprofessionals are lead by Dr. Howard C. Samuels, eminent in the field of addiction therapy.  His state of the art approach provides many specialized support services from which to select.

  • Residential Treatment
  • World Class Meals
  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Counseling
  • Educational Support
  •  Medication Support
  •  Health and Wellness Referrals
  • Family Counseling
  • Sober Companions
  • Family Outreach
  • Assistance with Insurance
  • Pets Allowed


Admission to The Hills Inpatient Meth Rehab

Admission is the first step on your pathway to overcoming meth addiction, and The Hills knowledgeable and caring admission counselors are there to assist you.   Review all the resources available to you at The Hills Treatment Center and you’ll be impressed.  Then call them and begin a partnership that will change the course of your life in positive ways.

For Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation – Trust The Hills Treatment Center


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The Hills Treatment Center is a distinguished drug rehabilitation center because of the scope of the services that it offers its clients.  It’s not a one, or even two dimensional treatment center offering a few rudimentary types of addiction treatment.  Nor is it a drug treatment center that offers a one-size-all drug treatment plan to its clients as some do. The Hills Treatment Center is just the opposite, and it offers just what experts in the field of drug addiction treatment recommend as best standards and practices.


Drug Rehabilitation at The Hills

The Hills Treatment Center understands what rehabilitation really means. Drug rehabilitation is a term for the medical or psychotherapeutic process of ending dependency on addictive substances.  But drug addiction is a complex illness, and drug rehabilitation has to take a multifaceted approach in order to address the complexities of drug addiction.  Therefore, The Hills has designed its drug rehabilitation center to have a broad approach and address the physical, emotional, therapeutic, and even educational facets of drug addiction.


Headed by leading drug addiction expert, the notable Dr. Howard C. Samuels, The Hills Treatment Center treats each of it’s guests as an individual and designs their rehabilitation according the  specific needs of that person struggling with drug addiction.  It’s a highly personal and supportive methodology with a network of ancillary programs to promote successful rehabilitation, tailored to the lifestyle needs of each individual and their loved ones.  

  • Detoxification
  •  Residential Care
  •  Luxury accommodations
  •  Privacy and security
  •  Intensive Outpatient
  •    Sober Companion
  •    Individual or Group Counseling
  •    Family Outreach and Education
  •    Young Adult Therapies
  •    Addiction and Aging
  •    Dual Diagnosis
  •    Legal Assistance
  •    Insurance Assistance


Drug Rehabilitation and Recovery

Review all of the program information on The Hills website and you will be impressed with what an excellent resource  their drug rehabilitation center can be.  Then, begin a conversation with an admissions representative at The Hills about the best route for you to take at their rehabilitation center.   You’ll soon discover why they are such a distinguished drug rehabilitation center.  Located in the hills overlooking Los Angeles, The Hills is a safe and secure environment in which to begin a course of drug rehabilitation, with a myriad of treatment options that will support your steps of success all the way to recovery and beyond.


The Hills Treatment Center

A Distinguished Rehab Center in Los Angeles

(800) 705-1909

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The Hills Treatment Center is an exceptional drug rehabilitation facility in Los Angeles, dedicated to the most progressive addiction treatment and recovery modalities.  The Hills offers a unique educational and therapeutic rehabilitation experience that aligns with the most highly regarded standards of drug addiction treatment.


Drug Rehabilitation at The Hills Treatment Center

Experts agree that drug addiction is a complicated illness, marked by uncontrollable cravings that continue despite dangerous consequences.  Therefore, rehabilitation requires a program that takes into account the complexities of addiction and additive behavior.  Led my Dr. Howard Samuels, the team of professionals at The Hills provide an encompassing rehabilitation program, devised to address both the physical and emotional health of the addicted person. 


Contact Admissions Today



A Special Kind of Drug Rehabilitation Facility

Rehabilitation at The Hills Treatment Center is nothing ordinary, not a revolving door clinic where one-size-all treatment plans may or may not work.   The Hills provides a myriad of specialized treatment programs that support the addicted person and their loved one from start to finish in the course of rehabilitation.   Treatment plans are made on an individual basis, and the experts at The Hills involve the addicted person throughout, knowing that they must have a stake in their own recovery and rehabilitation.  The team of clinicians, paraprofessionals, patient and loved ones all work toward the same goals together.  You are never alone in rehab at The Hills Treatment Center.


Drug Rehab Treatment Resources

The Hills is exceptional because it offers many types of drug rehabilitation programs within one drug rehabilitation facility, regardless of your drug of addiction.   Browse their website and you will be impressed with the range of services that they enlist to support drug recovery and rehabilitation.

  • Residential Detoxification
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment
  • Family Outreach
  • Family Education
  • Young adult Treatment
  • Addiction and Aging
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Sober Living and Sober Companion



Beginning Drug Rehabilitation at The Hills Treatment Facility

It’s easy to begin drug rehabilitation at The Hills because they will recognize you as an individual and plan your treatment accordingly.  Partner with them today and you will soon realize what a tremendous resource they are in your life and on the crucial role that the understanding staff plays in your journey toward drug addiction recovery and rehabilitation.

People in Los Angeles Trust The Hills Treatment Center

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