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Alcohol Rehab in Los Angeles by The Hills Treatment Center

Alcohol Rehab in Los Angeles by The Hills Treatment Center At The Hills Treatment Center  you will discover the best treatment choices for alcohol rehab, whether you desire a luxury residential setting or an intensive outpatient program.  The Hills Treatment Center offers a unique educational and therapeutic alcohol rehabilitation experience in the secluded hills overlooking [...]

Understanding Drug Treatment for Young Adults

Unfortunately, drug and alcohol abuse among college-aged students is on the rise, and there’s a myriad of reasons that account for these statistics.  Last year, this fact caught the eye of the Clinton Foundation  as they examined the rise on college campuses of prescription drug abuse, as an example of how addiction affects this cohort [...]

Studies Support The Hills Methodology

In a study published on the website for the National institute for Health, authors P.G. Barnett and R.W. Swindle attempted to determine the cost-effectiveness of inpatient drug rehab programs such as the ones found at The Hills. Among their findings was that, “Readmission was less likely when the program was smaller or had longer intended [length of [...]

Drug Use Facts and Figures- Treatment is Required

Drug Use Facts and Figures- Treatment is Required The Hills Treatment Center, in an effort to continue its mission toward drug rehabilitation education, presents some interesting facts and figures about how drug and alcohol use are trending in the United States.  There’s a lot of food for thought  that these statistics inspire as we observe [...]

The Hills Treatment Center: A Drug Rehabilitation Center That Cares

What is drug rehabilitation? A question asked by many, may be because this phrase does not describe the actual term. It is a psychological treatment of mind to deviate it from using psychoactive substances that can cause hostile consequences. Prescription drugs, alcohol, amphetamines, heroin and cocaine are clingy in nature. Once used, they tend to [...]

Los Angeles Outpatient Program

Los Angeles Outpatient Program The decision to enter a drug rehabilitation facility is a very serious one. For many addicts, the idea of leaving their entire life behind is very daunting. An addict may know they need to get help, but they don’t want to, or simply cannot, leave their spouse, partner, children, friends and [...]

Private Addiction Rehab

Recovering from an addiction is an extremely sensitive and private process. A private addiction rehab offers an addict a safe and comfortable place to recover and heal on their own terms. When it comes to hesitations related to addiction rehab, most people fear they will be exposed and their addictions and secrets laid out for [...]

Types of Drug Rehabilitation Centers

Types of Drug Rehabilitation Centers No two addictions are exactly alike – and that’s why there is no “one size fits all” treatment when it comes to drug rehabilitation. Some patients may require medical intervention, such as drug detox. Others might require more tending to their emotional needs through in-depth therapy. Some addicts find comfort [...]