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Teenage years can be difficult. Throughout the transition from childhood to adulthood, teens can get caught in a self-destructive cycle. An overwhelming need to be perceived as "cool" has the potential to instigate misguided decisions. Many teens simply want to fit in with an older group of acquaintances, and can find they resort to uncharacteristic behaviors in order to be perceived as "cool".

How Prescription Drug Abuse Begins

How does a teen become addicted to drugs? Addiction is bred through a complex combination of genetic and environmental factors. The process is fairly ambiguous when considering the large number of teens who experiment with drugs, both illicit and prescription in nature, and never fall privy to an addiction. Consider the hypothetical teen boy who does become addicted to prescription drugs. A 17-year-old boy is on the soccer team. After practice, his senior friends offer him prescription pills - Vicodin collectively gathered from their parents' medicine cabinets. The teen has heard of the dangers associated with opiate drugs; in spite of his better judgment, he accepts the offer. Over a period of time, he becomes addicted to prescription drugs. His parents notice a shift in his behavior, appearance, and actions. Eventually they decide that it is time to get him into a prescription drug rehab. Attending rehab during the teenage years can mean the difference between life and death, success and failure. Many teen addicts share a certain number of characteristics in common. Those include:

  • A family history of drug and alcohol use and/or dependence
  • An unusually strong desire to please others, even to the teen's detriment
  • Low self-esteem
  • Co-occurring mental illness that is untreated such as depression and/or anxiety
  • Childhood trauma and/or abuse
  • Inability to cope with emotions

Benefits of Prescription Drug Rehab for Teens

Through prescription drug rehab, teens are presented with a new lease on life. Unhealthy coping mechanisms used to deal with stress, relationship woes, and familial issues are replaced with healthy coping mechanisms, such as practicing yoga, meditation, and equestrian activities.

Building a Foundation for a New Life

Teens face a specific set of challenges. It is crucial for teens to feel welcomed, at home, and understood within the confines of a rehab center. Thus, teen rehab centers - designed to treat prescription drug addiction - are uniquely valuable. They allow teens to form lasting relationships with other teens suffering from similar circumstances. Venues through which teens connect in a teen rehab center for prescription drug abuse include:

  • Group therapy sessions with relevant topics such as grief, peer pressure, and parental expectations
  • Individualized therapy, to address underlying issues and/or undiagnosed co-occurring disorders
  • Alternative therapy approaches, such as equine therapy, art therapy, and acupuncture
  • Nutritious, balanced meals; fitness offerings; and team sports in many cases
  • Exposure to 12-step meetings such as Narcotics Anonymous; transportation is generally provided to and from 12-step meeting venues

In a prescription drug rehab facility, teens have the opportunity to build a new life for themselves. Through early intervention in the case of an addiction, teens learn healthy ways with which to move forward and face life's challenges. Doing so prevents the onset of a more serious, complicated, and debilitating substance abuse problem. Teen rehabs also keep abreast of current issues faced among teens, and are employed with knowledgeable staff members who genuinely care about every teen's experience.

Don't Wait Another Day

Rehab offers the unique ability for teens to build a support, clean network. Recovering prescription drug abusers benefit immensely as they exchange stories of strength, hope, and happiness with one another.

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