Signs of Oxycontin Abuse

OxyContin, a semi-synthetic narcotic, was manufactured to manage moderate to severe pain. OxyContin produces instant relief by numbing the pain and stimulating the pleasure receptors in the brain. The effects are parallel to that of opiates such as morphine and heroin. Because of the characteristics of opiates OxyContin has high potential to become addictive. Long term use of OxyContin increases the risk of developing an addiction. If you are not sure if you are experiencing OxyContin addiction, or are unsure if a loved one is suffering from OxyContin addiction there are signs to look for.

Some signs of OxyContin Addiction:

  • Obsessive or re-occurring thoughts of taking the medication

  • Having an overdose due to increasing the dose against or without medical advice

  • Seeking an instant high. By crushing and snorting, concentrating and injecting the drug

  • Seeking emotional relief versus pain relief, "numbing" the feelings

  • Needing OxyContin to function normally

  • Illegally obtaining OxyContin by means of stealing, purchasing it from a friend or stranger

  • Anxiety or depression when using or between doses

  • Behavioral changes such as isolation, lying, or being elusive

  • Memory loss

The most apparent sign of OxyContin addiction is by stop taking the medication and if there are signs of OxyContin withdrawal than that is an indicator of OxyContin addiction. If you or a loved one is showing any signs of OxyContin addiction, finding recovery is imperative. OxyContin addiction is as life threatening as a heroin addiction, and can take a person down fast. The increased tolerance to OxyContin and intense withdrawal symptoms can make recovery an overwhelming journey to take alone. Find support and advice from a professional before discontinuing the use of OxyContin.

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