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The Length of Time Cocaine is in Your System

It is very hard to determine the exact length of time that cocaine remains present in an individual’s system. The general estimation is that cocaine is present in ones system for 72 hours after the most recent intake. But most drug tests do not search for traces of cocaine; rather they search for what is known as a cocaine metabolite. The length that a cocaine metabolite can be found in drug tests varies greatly form case to case. Many factors contribute to the length that they will show. Factors include, but are not limited too:

  • Age of the user
  • Sex of the user
  • Weight of the user
  • Speed of the users metabolism
  • Amount of cocaine ingested during last use
  • Frequency of cocaine use
  • The individual’s physical health
  • Medications that the individual takes
  • The individual’s tolerance to the drug
  • The method in which the cocaine is ingested (snorted, smoked, injected)
  • The purity of the cocaine that is used
  • They method of drug testing used

With all of the factors playing into the equation, it is practically impossible to give an accurate estimation of how long cocaine will show in a drug test. If someone snorts one or two lines in a single night, with no prior intake, it is generally estimated that the drug will no longer show in a urine test after 72 hours. Yet it is believed that even a single bump of cocaine will show in a hair follicle test for three months. Then there are the cases where individuals have been using cocaine habitually for years, and in those cases cocaine can be found in a standard urine test up to three months after the most recent intake.